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"This timely and poignant narrative is unapologetically raw, tender, and emotional (at times, painfully so).  This is a must-see for anyone interested in understanding the emotion behind creating art  - a testimony to the past and an inspiration for the future."


- Adger Cowans

Artist, Executive Producer

Adger and Peter, 2023

Adger Cowans is a world renowned photographer and artist who has been a close friend of Peter Bradley for over 50 years.  As a founding member of the Kamoinge Workshop of African-American photographers in the 1960's, Adger has always been deeply concerned with the representation of Black artists and their work.  His featured archival photos of Peter are central to the storytelling of WITH PETER BRADLEY .

In the short video below, filmed in 2020, Adger discusses Peter and his art, and their shared struggle for recognition.

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