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This intimate documentary portrait is the product of a collaboration between filmmaker Alex Rappoport and abstract artist Peter Bradley, who both live in Saugerties, New York.   When the two met in January, 2020, Peter was 79 and had neither sold many paintings nor had a major show in over four decades – yet he still painted every day in and around a shipping-container studio, heated by a wood stove, no matter what the weather...

 "Director/cinematographer Alex Rappoport has done an amazing job of sharing the life of this amazing man. We get an in-depth look into who Peter Bradley is. The most challenging thing for a film about an artist is showing the artwork in a way that the art can be truly appreciated. It’s about pacing and perspective. Alex allows us to know both the man and his work.  The title is the truth: 'With Peter Bradley.'  We get to be with him".

                                                                         - John Simmons, ASC

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